7 Digital Marketing Tips For Business Success In 2017

While marketers have the responsibility on their shoulders to tweak their strategies according to the contemporary trends, businesses face the biggest risks since they have to follow the shift in order to remain successful. The shift needs to be made by businesses as well and it has to be a smooth one. Things must not change so much as to make the customers feel disconnected with the brand. A few tips from Jonathan Mimouni could play their part in keeping you on the right track. These tips are definitely going to help your business a great deal in 2017 to meets it marketing requirements.

7 Digital Marketing Tips For Business Success In 2017

Keeping In View Mobile Marketing

If there is one big mistake that you must avoid in 2017 it is taking out mobile marketing from your latest marketing campaign. According to Jonathan Mimouni, the one important thing to note here is that experts believe that businesses have to come up with new and attractive ideas to provide their customers with an uninterrupted experience of mobile marketing. Whether marketers focus on ads, in-application ads, applications etc. they have to make sure to use the small 5 to 7-inch screen to their advantage and convince the customer to take an action within seconds.

Video Content That’s Original

Video content is already getting popular but the more creative you get with it the more chances you have of becoming viral. True stories and engaging unique ideas have caught focus of viewers from around the world in 2014 and they are definitely going to do that in 2017 too. Look at the campaigns run by various other companies where they fed school children, made their customers’ wishes come true etc. Rather than making an ad, focus more on making videos with engaging content and ideas to get millions of views within weeks.

No More Silo Marketing For Businesses

Jonathan Mimouni believes that silo marketing has reached its counted number of days and now is the time for businesses to become more diversified in their social marketing approach. If you have been using only one Facebook page to engage with your customers then it is the right time to go on other social networking websites, create a blog and do other things to use more platforms for engaging. Limiting your efforts and interactions to just one platform is going to be bad for business in 2017. 

Paid Social Media Marketing Is In

This is the golden advice from Jonathan Mimouni. You can’t rely solely on organic social media marketing. Remember that you are not only competing with businesses that are focusing only on organic or unpaid social media marketing but also the businesses that are doing paid social media. 2014 saw the rising of paid social media marketing and 2017 is already predicted to see it going higher. If you want to see your business somewhere in 2017, make sure you go for paid social media marketing today.

More Use Of Ad Extensions

It is always a surprise when an amazing feature is added by the biggest search engine in the world to its searches and marketers completely ignore it despite its huge benefits. Ad extensions are your friends in 2017 ad marketing campaigns. Ad extensions are the “extended” arms of your ad when it appears in the Google search results. Rather than just your page title and ad copy appearing in the search results you could have an additional link added to your ad copy. In addition to that, you could have other very useful information added to your search engine ad e.g. a “call” button, callout extensions, reviews from third parties, ratings etc. 

Improved User Experience

This one tells you to become popular on the internet by providing your consumers the experience that they won’t forget. Focusing only on keywords isn’t going to work in 2017. You need to give your customers a great experience as a whole. Interact with them socially, respond to their queries, provide them with video content, showcase press releases, do blog posts etc. to get good ranking from Google. 


Personalization is something that will not only provide your business with online recognition but also keep your existent image and reputation safe. You wouldn’t want to bother your customers with ads, visual and textual, that don’t have any relevance with their online behavior or lifestyle. That’s when personalized ads work. This calls for the use of modern analytical softwares for your websites to know what your customers have been looking for and what they might be interested in.