Online Reputation Management - Dealing With a Complaint on

What is

Their website says "By consumers, for consumers..." and is probably the biggest online worldwide directory of consumer complaints. The search engine optimization that they have done to optimize their website is superb and the website is highly authoritative and "old" meaning that any complaint on this website that has your personal name, business name or brand name in it - will get to the first page of Google and stick there for a long time (maybe forever) if you don't do something about it.

Adding a new complaint on RipOffReport is fairly simple, meaning that any unhappy customer (or even your competitors) can easily add a complaint about you or your services and truly get you stuck in the murky waters of negative online reputation in no time.

How To Deal With a Complaint on

RipOffReport does not remove complaints. they do not edit complaints, the only way to have any small chance of getting the complaint removed is if you have a really really solid case against them, a great lawyer and take them to court (this will cost you a pretty penny) or if the complaint includes personal information that is illegal to post online, which is probably never going to happen on this website, being that it is moderated very well.

The only way to truly deal with a complaint is by pushing it to the second page of Google, and then to the third and so on. There are ways and methods of doing this, it is not an easy task and it does not work %100 of them time, basically you will need an ORM company such as us to get the job done for you. Some of things you can do to help are:
  • SEO on your Facebook page, Twitter page, Youtube channel, Linkedin page ect' , to get them above the RipOffReport complaint in Google results and thus push the complaint down.
  • SEO on pages on the internet that have positive reviews about you or your brand, thus getting them also above the RipOffReport complaint in Google results and thus pushing the complaint further down.
  • Build mini-sites with domain names such as "" or some other generic domain name connected to your niche and do further SEO on the mini-sites to get them above the RipOffReport complaint in Google results and thus push the complaint down.
There are a lot more methods of pushing the complaint to pages 2,3,4 of Google, it is tedious work and we will not get into all of the details, but it is important that you know - it is possible and we can get it done for you.

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