Online Reputation Management: How To Easily Ruin Your Online Reputation

Today's post is a short article with a list of things you should make sure you are taking care of, and things you should watch out not to do if you have an online presence or website. Read carefully and check to see that you are not intentionally or unintentionally ruining your online reputation.

Can Your Online Customers Contact You?

Lying about 24/7 customer support

Does your website say 24/7 customer support and/or 24/7 online chat representative but the chat is usually closed and there isn't really someone answering messages and the phone in the office 24/7? Well if you don't really have 24/7 support and your online chat is closed half of the time it will eventually be a big problem. Don't write that you have 24/7 phone support if it isn't really true!

Customers that have a problem will usually go to your contact page and seeing that you have written 24/7 support they will try to send you an email, call you on the phone or try to contact you through your online chat. If they see that the chat is closed, that no one is answering the phone or that their email is not answered within a few hours, they will probably go and complain about you somewhere online. They will state the fact that you don't have 24/7 customer support and will make you look like liars!

Are You Making Sure That Unhappy Customers Are Taken Care Of?

Not dealing with unhappy customers

An unhappy customer that is not dealt with immediately can turn into a big problem and fast. You need to have the ability, time and resources to invest in taking care of any unhappy customers when your business is an online business. Today consumers know that they can go online and complain about you within a few clicks of a button and a negative review on one of the leading review websites can and will be a thorn in your throat for years to come.

Is Your Customer Support and Sales Team Serious Enough To Not Make Huge Mistakes?

Hiring unreliable or irresponsible employees

There are reasons why you need to take a deeper look into a potential employee before hiring them! If someone on your sales team or customer support team makes a mistake that can not be easily fixed, with a customer or a potential customer, your company may and will have to pay for that mistake for years to come.

Make sure that your employees know how to handle customers and that they know exactly what they are allowed to do and not allowed to do with customers. Don't allow them to lie to customers if they can help it and make sure that they are not trying to scam any of your customers in order to get a higher bonus at the end of the month.

These 3 things are crucial when it comes to online reputation. The over-all reliability of your employees, sales representatives and customer support team, what you say on your website about customer support and your ability to deal with unhappy customers are things that can be overlooked by even the biggest and most successful companies. Eventually, if not taken care of, these issues will catch up to you!