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Online Lottery Marketing
Online Lottery Marketing

Online Lottery Marketing and Online Exposure

Even the most reputable online lottery brands use online marketing campaigns to increase their traffic and revenue. These popular websites also have online reputation issues that need to be dealt with in a serious manner on a daily basis. As competition rises and more new online lottery brands start to spring up and gain popularity the online marketing efforts need to doubled and even tripled in order to keep the traffic and customers flowing in.

What Is The Best Kind of Online Marketing for Online Lottery Website?

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Strong Affiliate Network
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing on Leading Websites

What About Online Reputation Management?

The biggest brands that take up most of the traffic and customers have a big problem with online reputation. Most of them don't care about negative reviews, forum posts and feedbacks that customers may be posting online. This is a big mistake as customers and potential ticket buyers are not stupid. Most of them do some research before buying tickets online and negative reputation will hurt the brand.

Doing a better job with online reputation is important. At WebImpactor we have online lottery brands as clients and are doing a great job at keeping the first few pages of Google clean from negative results. We also keep the social media websites and forums clean from negative posts and remove unwanted comments from third party blogs and forums.

Does SEO Really Still Work?

Yes! We have brought great results to our current customers and being on the first page of Google brings in LOTS of extra traffic and customers. Leads and sign-ups from Google are known to be the most income generating leads that deposit and make returning customers for online lottery brands.

What About PPC and Adwords for the Online Lottery Niche?

9 out of 10 of the online lottery websites are un-able to market their website and products on Google Adwords because Google will not allow "gambling niche" websites to market on their Adwords and Adsense networks. Only a handfull of online lottery providers that are regulated and registered as a permitted gambling business are allowed to post ads on the Google Adwords network.

Can an Affiliate Program be Boosted With Online Marketing?

Yes of course! If you have an affiliate program already you must know that attracting more affiliates is of up-most importance. Using online marketing to attract more of these affiliates is one of the things that we do here at WebImpactor.

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