ORM: Why Don't You Tweet?

It's as Simple as 1,2,3

So many companies, businesses and firms don't have an active twitter account. This is a big No No in online reputation. It's so simple, opening a Twitter account, adding some graphics and information and voila, you have your own personal Twitter page. gaining followers can be easy as long as you are innovative and use good copy and graphics in your tweets.

How Effective is a Twitter Page in Online Reputation Management?

Well if you search for some big brand names you will see that their Twitter page comes up on the first page of Google. The best and most simple way to manage your online reputation is by opening a few social media pages and blogs and getting to work. Not every business or person has the time to do this and this is where WebImpactor online reputation management services comes in. 

Your Twitter page, when managed correctly, will be on the first page of Google when people search for your brand-name of personal name. It's just too simple, so simple that many people forget to open a twitter account.

"Nike" Twitter Page - Second place on "Google.com"

"Microsoft" Twitter Page - Second place on "Google.com"

Twitter Works!

As you can see these two brands do a good and simple job with online reputation, they have an active Twitter page that is second place on Google when searching their brand name and in this way further their positive presence in search results, because they have full control of the twitter account!

To sum it up, if you don't have a Twitter account yet and have a problem with Online reputation, then now is the time to open a Twitter page and to start Tweeting! If you would like us to do this for you, along with lots of other online reputation services then contact us today.