The internet has had a profound impact on marketing as it has drastically altered the way information is shared. In the past few years, numerous outbound marketing strategies have become antiquated as the focus has shifted to inbound techniques. Publishing original content has become the norm instead of embedding ads in external content.


At WebImpactor, we make it a priority to remain updated with the latest trends in order to understand which ones can offer the best results to a business in terms of marketing and exposure. This is also important because success cannot be achieved until people know how to use the trends for their business. 

Our expert and knowledgeable staff use the latest online marketing and social media trends in the following ways:

  • Content marketing has become a huge and powerful influence in the world of web marketing. The best way for businesses to establish their authority and gain the trust of clients is to create valuable content through a wide array of channels. This goal can only be achieved with relevant information about the industry, which can provide entertainment and insight to the audience. WebImpactor does exactly that; it has experts specializing in every industry who can create the content needed for building a rapport with customers in order to have a loyal following. They come up with powerful and interesting content for social media platforms, websites, blogs and article directories. 
  • A couple of years ago, there weren’t a lot of options in the world of social media, but diversity has become the new trend in this market. The social media experts at WebImpactor don’t just focus on the biggies in social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. They also use platforms such as Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest, which are rapidly gaining popularity and give plenty of options for producing engaging content in a number of media forms. 
  • Platforms and websites that are image-centric are taking the lead as opposed to others. WebImpactor is aware of the viral potential and power of image-based content and can create blog posts that are in accordance with this particular trend. The skilled staff is able to break up the content with well-placed pictures that put an emphasis on certain points. They also use infographics, which combine a minimal amount of text and images for explaining an issue or providing statistical information. 
  • There has been a shift in consumer preference because they now believe that less is more. WebImpactor has professionals who come up with simplistic marketing messages as opposed to in-depth messages, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful. They believe in keeping it uncluttered, clean and minimalist aesthetic because a constant barrage of information burns out consumers really fast. WebImpactor opts for subtlety and tones down campaign messages so as not to overwhelm the consumers unnecessarily as it can drive them away.
  • The quickly growing and widespread use of smartphones and tablets means that content needs to be mobile-friendly. The web designing experts at WebImpactor create a responsive web design for providing a positive experience to users when they browsing on a mobile device. 

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