ORM: Video Marketing and Online Reputation Management

Most people use the internet, especially people who own a business. If you have your own business you probably know how important videos are  and how much global video sharing platforms such as "Youtube" can help you achieve your marketing and business goals. 

Posting videos on websites like "Youtube" are also a great way to boost online reputation especially in cases where someone has uploaded a a video to a video sharing site where they reference you or your business in a negative way. Many clients have no idea where to start or what to do with these negative online references and that is where we step in with online reputation management services also known as "ORM".

Mass marketing of videos can be done in a few clicks of a mouse. Positive videos that reference you or your business! This will in turn slowly but surely bring your business online "harmony" so to say. The most important factor is to have a positive online impact as quick as possible in order to create a new and better reputation and to make sure that things don't go downhill reputation-wise.

Using video marketing techniques as a golden tool for online reputation management is something that many marketers and ORMs can miss while they are in a busy rush trying extinguish "small fires" elsewhere, forgetting that the best way to fight fire, is with fire!

Youtube testimonials

Big companies, brands and high ranking businessmen or entrepreneurs  will in some way or the other find negative references on the net because it is almost impossible to keep everyone happy all of the time during your whole lifetime and someone, a former unhappy client, a jealous competitor or maybe just someone you pissed off by accident at a conference will eventually post something negative somewhere on the net.

Be it on a forum or blog or a video sharing website these negative references have their own impact and should be dealt with in a swift a smart manner. Only experienced ORM experts should be the ones to deal with these instances of reputation backlashes because they have already learned from the mistakes that you don't want to have to make when trying to deal with online reputation issues such as negative video testimonials. This is why it is better to have these issues dealt with by an expert.