SEO: Stay Informed About Latest "Google" Business Changes - "Alphabet"

As search engine optimization experts we love staying informed and informing others about changes that "Google" the search giant is making to its business operations pyramid. It seems that "Google" doesn't seem to stop surprising with its innovation and it is making some big changes to the way it works as a corporation in order to stay on top of its game!

"Alphabet" website
"Alphabet" website Screenshot
"Alphabet" is the New Owner and Managing Company of "Google"

After just watching the new terminator movie where "Genesis" begets "Skynet" I can't  not make the comparison between "Google" and "Alphabet" - hopefully "Alphabet", the new Corporation that will handle "Google" and its other project companies such as "Calico" and "Sidewalk" which are some of the less lucrative projects by the search giant, will not bring on the end of the world.

"Calico" website Screenshot
"Calico" website Screenshot
Innovation Takes Bold Moves

This is a bold move by the search giant known as "Google" and also a very smart one. Thinking outside of the box is something that geniuses are best at and this new business move is just that, staying outside of the box and re-arranging things in order to stay on top of the tech game where moves like this one keep things relevant.

The Finances in This Move

This basically means that "Google" will no longer be an umbrella company with all of its smaller projects under the same roof. "Alphabet" will now be the umbrella and "Google" will be able to focus on what it is best at, which is of course search, advertising, maps, "YouTube" and "Android". This will be instead of having to also oversee other projects such as "Calico" and "Sidewalk". This also means that investors and also wall-street won't get spooked every time that "Alphabet" launches another project that may not be profitable, knowing that it is no longer directly involved with "Google".

"Google" Search

This also means that the search giant will be staying on top of its game and will keep bringing us more and more surprises in the near future.