ORM: Remove Yourself From Google - The Right To Be Forgotten

Negative Google Results
Negative Google Results

Get The Negative Search Results Moved Or Suppressed On Search Engines

The "Internet" is a place where literally billions of people reside. These people have different minds, opinions and lifestyles. After using the internet for some time, people easily realize the power of this platform. They know they can spread the word on the internet like they can in no other place. Whatever they say matters a lot. The social networking profiles and the fact that they can start their own websites with very small money are enough for businesses to be cautious. Anything bad from a company could lead to hate comments, reviews and feedback spread over the internet within a few moments. 

Many great companies went down in business only because they could not handle their online reputation the way they should have. When people searched them on the internet, the top results contained negative ratings and comments. This pushed people away from them and eventually they lost business. In the past, there was no way for companies to deal with this matter but today they have a great way to tackle it. There are several online companies that provide online reputation management services. Their main objective is to help companies in maintaining and enhancing their online reputation.

There are many methods these companies use to help businesses get an overall great reputation on the internet. One of the many methods is removal of certain search results. It is nearly impossible to have negative results about your company removed unless there is a team of experts helping you with that. These companies have the right tools and resources to reach out to Google and inform it that certain content about you needs to be removed. The biggest problem in removing the content is because it belongs to someone else in most cases – you would not post negative stuff about yourself on the internet.

The process of having certain results removed from Google searches is called the right to be forgotten. Any information that you think is not relevant to your existing status or is only slandering you without grounds can be reported to Google. However, the first phase of this process is to find out about the negative search results. When you hire a company to do online reputation management for you, this company will use its software and tools to find negative results in Google’s search. After knowing these results they can be worked on.

It must be known here that having a page removed from Google results does not mean it will be taken off the internet. The page might still appear in other search engine results and elsewhere on the internet. You could choose the alternative method of suppressing the negative results. This process pushes your negative search results down for a particular term or name. Since 75% of the visitors don’t ever look into the 2nd page of Google, you can be at peace if you have moved a negative search result from first page to second or third.

(The "Google" right to be forgotten only applies to European countries as of May 2014)